Preserve your memories by converting your old videos to a digital format. We can convert most types of analog and digital tape to DVD or hard drive.  

Formats Accepted

  • 8mm, Hi8, Digital 8
  • Betamax
  • MiniDV
  • Beta SP*
  • 3/4"*

*Broadcast video formats require an additional $25.00 setup fee.


Video tape to DVD or hard drive:     

  • 1-5 hours - $15.00/hour    
  • 6-10 hours - $13.50/hour    
  • 11-15 hours - $12.00/hour    
  • 16-20 hours - $11.50/hour    
  • 21-25 hours - $9.00/hour    
  • 26+ hours - $7.50/hour

Basic titling (1 line title per tape) included.
Digital conversion only. DVD not included. $5.00/minute tape charge. Broadcast formats add $25.00/hour.

Custom titles - $3.00/line 
Hard drive not included. 

Tapes may be combined to fill 2-hour DVDs. 

Copyrighted materials cannot be duplicated.

Minimum order of $20.00 per DVD. 


Archive quality DVD & case $9.99/disc
BluRay disc $25.00/disc
8GB flash drive $9.99
16GB flash drive $12.99
32GB flash drive $24.99
Custom labeling $2.00/per line
Custom editing $50.00/hour
Video tape repair/cleaning $20.00/tape